About Mr Bridges

The Groombridge family has grown apples in the region since 1953. Once operating one of the largest apple packing and storage facilites in the area known as Trial Bay Orchards. 

That all ended abruptly in 2019, when a devastating fire burnt our apple-packing and storage facility to the ground.

With a need to re-imagine what the orchard can provide us and the community, 4 years later in 2023 we became Mr Bridges

Mr Bridges is a small family run cider business making the most of a bad situation, now with one mission – to craft some seriously good cider...

And we're happy to say that we've nailed it!

Using the apples grown on our orchard in Kettering, we've whipped up a vibrant and refreshingly delicious twist on the modern Aussie cider that tastes like apple and is an absolute crowd-pleaser for any occasion.

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Join us on our journey – it's going to be one heck of a tasty ride